Event Sanctioning

A Singapore Gymnastics sanction is an official designation issued by Singapore Gymnastics which approves the holding of a gymnastics competition in Singapore. Sanctioned Events meet a certain set of standards which ultimately showcases the commitment of the event to creating a positive athlete experience and safe environment for all participants and spectators.



Singapore Gymnastics works with Sanctioned Events to provide them with resources and standards to ensure a first in class event is delivered.

Event Organizers receive many benefits including:

✔️ Technical Assistance - Advice and support for the event where needed. May use the services of SG Staff to send information in cases where personal data protection applies.

✔️ Officials - Access to Technical Officials (as required) to officiate/judge the event.

✔️ Judges in attendance at sanctioned events can record their attendance in their logbook to maintain their accreditation (refer to P011 National Judging Accreditation Pathway for more information).

✔️ Calendar of Events - Listing and Promotion through electronic versions at no charge and identifies it as a Sanctioned Event.

May be publicised upon request, to SG’s local and international organizational contacts e.g. clubs, schools, federations etc. on SG’s website and social media.

✔️ Equipment and Services - Discounts on Singapore Gymnastics equipment rental and associate services (as available).

✔️ Scoring System - Access to Singapore Gymnastics’ scoring system – ScoreExpress at a discounted price.

✔️ Results - Recognition of results for the purpose of Grading levels and qualifications scores.

✔️ Event Participation - Increases the base of potential entrants in your event with SG able to reach over 36 club and school members throughout Singapore.

✔️ Increased Prestige - For many events, Singapore Gymnastics sanction improves the event's public perception. A sanction lets the participants know that the event will be run in accordance with the applicable rules. May use the title “Singapore Gymnastics Approved/ Sanctioned Event”.

✔️ Logos and Marks - A sanctioned event has the right to use Singapore Gymnastics and discipline logos to promote the fact that the governing body in Singapore has sanctioned the event.

May use the SG logo on all promotional and/ or event items not meant for sale (e.g. official communications, posters, athlete certificates etc.) on provision that the artwork is approved by SG prior to being distributed.

✔️ Event Volunteers - By request, Singapore Gymnastics will support in providing volunteers for the event.




Sanctioned Events Application (.PDF)

Fill out the Sanctioned Event application and send it along to:

Singapore Gymnastics

Attn: Alex Ho

3 Stadium Drive, #01-33 Singapore 397630

You may also submit the application and supporting documents as well as any questions you may have toAlex Ho, Singapore Gymnastics’ Marketing and Events Manager, at sgoffice@singaporegymnastics.org.sg.


See downloadable files below for more details.