Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics


Combining the elegance of ballet with the drama of theatre, Rhythmic Gymnastics effectively, as the World Championships 2019 tagline says it, brings Fairytales to life; blurring the boundaries between sport and art. 

At the international level, rhythmic gymnasts strive to enchant the audience and judges by showcasing flawlessly executed routines that are both artistic and immensely technical. At major competitions, rhythmic gymnasts are expected to perform a total of 4 routines covering 4 out of the 5 handheld apparatus unique to the sport: rope, hoop, ball, clubs (a pair) and ribbon. 

The choreography of each routine is dynamic, musical, character-driven and expected to cover the entire floor area. Choreography aside, the rhythmic gymnast must perform expensive leap, pivot, balance, risk and apparatus elements in order to achieve a high score. 

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National Programme & Technical Manual (Jan 2023)