Start Here, Go Anywhere

Start Here, Go Anywhere


Gymnastics is a great place to discover how to move.

‘Start Here’

You can choose many different paths where you can make friends, build body confidence and learn new skills.

‘Go Anywhere’

It may keep you in Gymnastics for life, assist you with foundational skills in other sports or could simply be memories of great times had at your Gymnastics Club.

Gymnastics develops fundamental movement skills, increases confidence and competence and promotes healthy participation in physical activity. It keeps you fit and provides you with the skills of control, flexibility and strength.

Is your kid keen to be a gymnast?

Do they just want to try a weekly class, or do they want to train regularly and compete? Take this all into account when choosing a class, as it may mean considering a location that is further away. Gymnastics clubs vary, but usually, classes are grouped by age, and as your child progresses in the sport, she/he will later be grouped by ability level.

First, find a local gymnastics club in your area.

All clubs that are members of Singapore Gymnastics, the governing body of gymnastics in Singapore, have to meet minimum requirements for the standard of care and child safety, along with coaching expertise and have pledged to follow Singapore Gymnastics’ Code of Ethics.

Some clubs within Singapore offer a trial lesson, this can easily be booked over the phone.

If your child loves their class, you can then enrol them by speaking with the club reception.


Singaporean gymnasts have become successful in different industries and some have chosen careers in Gymnastics as Coaches and Officials.



Benefits of Gymnastics

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