National Training Centre

National Training Centre

What is the National Training Centre?

Singapore Gymnastics runs a High Performance training programme, also known as the National Training Centre (NTC) Programme, for all three of its recognised disciplines i.e. Men's Artistic Gymnastics, Women's Artistic Gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics. Entry into the NTC Programme is via selection only. Singapore Gymnastics conducts regular Recruitment Selection Trials for this purpose. All Recruitment Selection Trials are generally advertised on our website and social media. The Trial's objective is to identify and recruit gymnasts with natural talent for gymnastics and aspirations to represent Singapore at major international competitions. The Trial is open to all members of the public (Singapore Citizens only) to register. 

If selected, gymnasts depending on their age, will be expected to commit to up to 16-30 hours of training per week, usually 4 hours per session. Besides being physically present, gymnasts will also be expected to show discipline and a psychological drive for continuous improvement at training.

The Three-Phase Selection Process

Unless communicated otherwise, the Recruitment Selection Trial usually takes place in two (2) phases: 

  1. PHASE 1 – 1 day.  A block of time will be allocated for each gymnast. Results may take up till 2 weeks to be released. Phase 2 details will be communciated via email or website announcement to selected gymnasts. 
  2. PHASE 2 – 1-2 months trial training with the NTC. Monthly training fees will be payable. 

Upon clearing Phase 2 successfully, gymnasts will be offered an official position in the NTC subject to their acceptance. 

An official position in the NTC however, does not equate to a permanent position. NTC coaches are responsible for doing regular athlete reports and progress monitoring. If a gymnast's rate of development fails to meet expectations, he/she may be transitioned out of the NTC at any time for an interested and qualified school/ club athlete to take his/her place. Being transitioned out is not the "end" though - gymnasts who have been transitioned out still stand a chance to be re-selected at the Recruitment Selection Trial if they show significant improvement. 

For any queries regarding the NTC and its selection process, kindly contact

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