Safe Sport Programme

Over the past four years Singapore Gymnastics, with the support from SportSG, has made a commitment to drive cultural change within the sport. SG understands that this is a long term commitment as cultural change does not happen overnight and it takes a collective commitment from all the member of our community embedded true change.

In 2019 SG developed an organisational child safe plan and adopted a Child Commitment Statement in 2019. In 2020, as part of the club re-affiliation standards, all Club members also adopted this Child Commitment Statement. So, change has already started at Singapore Gymnastics. Another example of efforts SG now goes to, as a matter of protocol, is the recruitment process. SG has worked to follow protocols that reduce risk to the community and follow due diligence for all employment appointments, particularly any involving coaching and working with children.

Furthering SG's commitment, in 2021 the Child Safe Policy was released in English, Mandarin and Russian which came into effect in January 2022. This Policy was accompanied by a short quiz that Clubs could use to ensure that all staff and a clear understanding of this Policy. The 2022 Club affiliation requirements were also expanded further with our Safe Sport commitment with all Clubs required to have at least one Club official complete the SportSG-ED Sport Administrators module. In 2023 all clubs will be required to have a dedicated and trained Safeguarding Officer.

In 2022 all coaches accredited with SG were required to complete the SportSG-ED Coaches module to maintain their accreditation and be on the field of play at any SG events.

Singapore Gymnastics has also adopted and implemented the Safe Sport unified code which was launched on 23 November 2021. More information is available on the Safe Sport unified code.

Safety is not an end point, it is a continuous journey. SG remain committed to listening and acting, and support everyone for their courage in speaking up.


If you wish to report an incident related to Safe Sport, you may:


Singapore Gymnastics Safeguarding Officers

Dawn Ho (Not available till July 2024) 
Josephine Tan
Karen Norden
Ong Chor Hoon
Alexis Lebedew (Available till July 2024) 
Emma Koh



Want to Get Involved in Our journey?

SportSG provides five engaging online education modules for key stakeholders within the sporting community, designed to elevate awareness and knowledge.

Module Fee How to Access
Building a Safe Sporting Organisation for Sport Administrators Chargeable Only for member organisations of the Safe Sport Programme - contact your organisation for details
Understanding Safe Sport as an Athlete Free Register here using organisation code “WEB”
Understanding Safe Sport as a Coach Free for NROC coaches only Login here. Refer to the user guide below for instructions
Understanding Safe Sport as a Parent Free Register here using organisation code “WEB”
Understanding Safe Sport as a Volunteer Free Register here using organisation code “WEB”



Child Safe Virtual Training

Singapore Gymnastics created a guide to creating a healthy and safe sport environment off the field of play. Whether you’re a coach, administrator or parent, we all have a role to play in making sport a fun and rewarding experience.

Being able to conduct online training with athletes is a useful tool, but it also presents a new set of challenges. How can we maximize all that the internet has to offer while minimizing the potential harm?

This is not an exhaustive list but provides some sensible guidelines to protect athletes, coaches and clubs.

Click below to download a sharable version of the guide.