SG Cartwheel-a-thon 2024



For the first time ever, Singapore Gymnastics will be organizing a community project - a fundraising initiative that involves getting everyone together to break a record! The primary goals of this project extend far beyond merely achieving a record.

The Singapore Gymnastics Cartwheel-a-thon aims to create a wider and deeper impact on the community. This includes:

  1. Fostering Positive Community Engagement: Cultivating a sense of togetherness and community spirit.
  2. Fundraising for High Performance Infrastructure: to elevate Singapore on the world stage.
  3. Setting a new record: Attempting the highest number of cartwheels within a 2-hour timeframe.

The primary focus of this campaign is to raise funds for OTSF High Performance Sports (HPS) System. To find out more about the OTSF High Performance Sports (HPS) System, please click on this link.

We are also proud to collaborate with Beyond Social Service, our adopted charity organization. 30% of the nett proceeds collected will be contributed to Beyond Social Services to bolster their impactful programs.

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