High Performance Pathways

The role of Pathways in High Performance is to underpin the development of coaches and athletes, help future generations achieve their goals and contribute to the long term success of Team Singapore.

The High Performance Pathway for Singapore Gymnastics is defined using the FTEM framework and is clarified in the following documentation:

Singapore Gymnastics supports clubs who wish to make the significant commitment to contribute to the high performance pathway with its Pathway Partner Club programme. This is based on the High Performance Development Framework.


Part of being on a High Performance Pathway is eligibility for spexCarding. Information about spexCarding opportunities for sub-junior gymnasts can be found in this document: Framework for SG spexCarding.


Singapore Gymnastics Development Programme (SGDP) Pathway Partner Clubs Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ


Please contact Alexis Lebedew, National Pathways Manager, if you have any questions, at