Associate Member (Club)

Associate Club Members are emergent gymnastics associations, clubs and businesses with less than 25 Athlete Members in Singapore registered with

  • the Registrar of Societies (ROS)
  • corporate or business entities registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA),
  • recognised as Gymnastics clubs, that are willing to observe the rules and regulations of SG
  • paying the prescribed yearly subscription fee
  • actively engaged in Gymnastics and delivering the sport to schools and to the general public
  • less than 25 registered Athlete Members with SG (both competitive & non-competitive)

For clubs with less than 25 registered Athlete Members, they can register with SG but they will be recognised as an Associate Club and paying at the Associate Club rate, which will be higher than the regular club membership. Associate Clubs will still be able to participate in SG events but will have limited benefits and cannot be part of Club Quality Assurance Programme. When an Associate club subsequently have more than 25 registered Athlete Members with SG, SG can offer a credit rebate so that these clubs are upgraded to regular club membership and enjoy the same rate.


Affiliation Benefits

  • Official Yearly Annual Certificate of Membership that confirms a club's adherence to National quality standards
  • Eligibility to enter SG events and competitions
  • Online support for club, membership and education related queries
  • Club promotion though the SG website, including the Club Finder
  • Access to National programmes and resources


Club Affiliation 

The Club Affiliation process occurs annually at the start of each calendar year and Clubs are required to comply with National Affiliation Standards and Terms and Conditions.

Club Membership - $375.00/yr (emerging clubs with less than 25 athlete members)

To renew/register affiliation:

Please note there is a processing period of between 3 - 4 weeks. Need more information or help about Club Affiliation and/or Club Quality Assurance Programme? Please write in to