Judges to Prepare for Re-Accreditation in 2025

Published Mon 08 Jul 2024


Approaching the conclusion of 2024, Singapore Gymnastics issues a critical reminder to all judges across disciplines to prepare for re-accreditation in 2025. The upcoming process is pivotal due to revisions in the Code of Points (CoP) that will impact judging criteria, procedures, and reviews of discipline-specific National Programmes.


"All judges' accreditation will expire at the end of 2024," stresses Karen Norden, High Performance Technical Director at Singapore Gymnastics. "It's essential for judges to take proactive steps to maintain their accreditation, ensuring they can continue judging effectively beyond 2024."


The re-accreditation requirements vary by discipline:


  • Rhythmic Gymnastics (RG): Judges will undergo a thorough review due to the comprehensive overhaul of the national programme, necessitating participation in new courses to update skills and knowledge. More details on RG reaccreditation courses and judging can be found in a recently released news article.


  • Men's Artistic Gymnastics (MAG): Anticipating changes to the MAG National Programme, workshops are slated to update coaches, athletes, and current FIG judges on the new 2025-2028 MAG CoP. The MAG Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) has already scheduled workshops, with the MAG National Level reaccreditation courses commencing in January 2025.


  • Women's Artistic Gymnastics (WAG) and Trampoline (TRA): While minor tweaks are expected in the national programs, judges must attend mandatory workshops to stay informed about changes in the new 2025-2028 FIG CoP.


Karen Norden elaborates on the varying requirements between disciplines, stating, "These differences reflect the extent of changes in each discipline's judging protocols. RG faces significant international and national overhauls, MAG anticipates some changes, while WAG and TRA adapt to minor adjustments and implications of the new FIG CoP."


In line with continuous improvement, the judges' policy will undergo review in late 2024 to ensure alignment with international standards and strategic goals set by Singapore Gymnastics.


For further details on re-accreditation processes and updates, judges are encouraged to remain updated through official communications from Singapore Gymnastics.