Upcoming Coaches Congress 2024

Published Tue 09 Jul 2024

The Coaches Congress 2024 is just around the corner, set to take place from September 3 to 5 at Bishan Sports Hall.

Don't miss out on this excellent opportunity to level up your professional development, enhance your skills, network with peers, and ensure you're keeping up with the necessary NROC requirements. Mark your calendars for the Coaches Congress 2024 and visit the 2024 Coaches Congress 2024 webpage regualrly for updates. Registration opens on Friday 12 July 2024 and here are some topics that are already locked in, with more to be shared along the way. 


Keeping up with NROC requirements

As part of commitment to support coaches in their professional development, CCE hours are awarded for participation in SG Coaches Congress workshops which coaches can accumulate to maintain their "Active" status in the National Registry of Coaches (NROC). The required number of hours varies based on the coach's level of certification and must be completed within each three-year period.


NROC Level

Learning Hours Required



30 hours in 3 years

50% (i.e., 15hrs) for coaching practice 50% (i.e., 15hrs) for coach education


60 hours in 3 years

60% (i.e., 36hrs) for coaching practice 40% (i.e., 24hrs) for coach education


100 hours in 3 years

70% (i.e., 70hrs) for coaching practice 30% (i.e., 30hrs) for coach education


For more details on CCE Hours and its requirements, you may refer to