Singapore Gymnastics: A Fun Dive into Our Annual Survey Adventure!

Published Mon 24 Jun 2024


Since 2018, Singapore Gymnastics has been on a mission to get the inside scoop from our community with our annual survey. Think of it as our yearly check-in to make sure we’re doing cartwheels in the right direction and not just flipping out!

Fast forward to March 2023, and we rolled out not one but two surveys—the Club Research and Community Survey. Our goal? To find out how we can up our game in customer service, engagement, member perks, and programs. Your feedback helps us stay on point and make sure everyone is having a blast with Singapore Gymnastics.

Our annual survey, a staple since 2018, is like our magic mirror, reflecting the community's needs and helping us polish our services to perfection. By listening to your thoughts, we're committed to fine-tuning our strategies and keeping your perspectives at the heart of everything we do.

The 2023 Annual Survey was packed with questions aimed at boosting our communication and engagement with clubs and the wider community. We wanted to know how to make our interactions even better and build stronger connections within the gymnastics family. After all, teamwork makes the dream work!

Here's the twist: We only had 25 responses this year. But don't worry, we still found some golden nuggets of wisdom:

  • Boosting Response Rates: We're cooking up some cool incentives to get more people to share their thoughts in the Community Survey.
  • Club Collaboration: We’re teaming up with clubs to brainstorm fun incentives that will encourage members to participate.
  • Partnership Opportunities: We're on the lookout for new partners to add extra sparkle to your SG membership.

These insights are our playbook for improving communication and making the overall experience even more fantastic for you. By focusing on these areas, we're aiming to strengthen our community ties and keep raising the bar on our services.

So, keep an eye out for next year's Community Survey! We promise it’ll be worth your while with some awesome incentives up for grabs. Thanks for being part of our gymnastics journey—let’s keep flipping and flying together!