Join Singapore Gymnastics and be part of an inclusive and supportive community where athletes, coaches, judges and familes come together to share a passion for the sport. From the thrill of learning new skills to the sense of accomplishment at competitions, gymnastics teaches valuable lessons like perseverance, discipline, teamwork, and forms bonds that will last a lifetime. Whether you are a gymnast, parent, club coach or judge, you will love being part of this rewarding sport.

As the National Sport Association for gymnastics in Singapore, Singapore Gymnastics (SG) endeavours to look into the interests of all our members in the various membership categories including club, association, athlete, volunteer, coach and/or judge.

There are nine distinct categories of membership in Singapore Gymnastics as well as different fees chargeable. Membership for all categories except of Honorary life Membership is annual and are based on a calendar year.

Athlete Membership Individual Membership Organisational Membership

Competitive Athlete Membership
Recreational Athlete Membership
Kinder Athlete Membership

Honorary Life Membership
Associate Membership
Technical Membership

Full Membership
Club Membership
Associate Club Membership


For more information on Singapore Gymnastics Membership Policy, please refer to [P008] Membership Policy. By renewing and/or registering technical membership with Singapore Gymnastics, you agree to the Term of Registrations as well as to abide by the SG’s policies and regulations.

Please note that Singapore Gymnastics does not refund Membership fees except for technical problems associated with the payment of fees on-line. For more information, please refer to [P029] Refund Policy

For further queries regarding membership, please email to