Updated Coach RPL Process

Published Wed 13 Mar 2024

From April 1st Singapore Gymnastics will be updating its RPL Policy to better reflect the purpose of the programme, and to clarify what can be a complex process.

The key changes are:

  • RPL for Intermediate coaching accreditation will be limited to those who have entered the country to coach, within 3 months of them arriving
  • RPL fees will be aligned to membership and course prices

Singapore Gymnastics takes RPL very seriously and we commit to ensure that any coaches accredited in Singapore fully understand the uniqueness of the cultural environment. The Singapore Gymnastics Safe Sport Programme is embedded within all Singapore Gymnastics coaching courses which, along with CoachSG's Values and Principles in Sport certification, ensure those entering Singapore fully understand their responsibilities. It is essential that all coaches in Singapore fully understand these critical areas.

Further, we have clarified the complexity of the Singapore Coaching ecosystem. Specifically, that there are two primary organisations who are involved in all gymnastics coaching accreditation: Singapore Gymnastics and CoachSG. We have worked hard to streamline the process of getting full NROC and SG Coaching Accreditation, however it is still complex and time consuming. Coaches should allow three months to complete the process.

For a guide to the RPL Process for Intermediate coaching, download the pictogram below.

For more information please visit the RPL page on the Singapore Gymnastics website.