Introducing the new TRA Technical Advisory Council 2024

Published Mon 10 Jun 2024

Every two years, Singapore Gymnastics invites nominations for the Trampoline Technical Advisory Council. This year, we are thrilled to announce four highly skilled and passionate individuals, who have selflessly volunteered their time to contribute to the advancement of trampoline gymnastics throughout Singapore.

Kern Choong

Jeanette Tan

Life Motto: Work Hard, Play Hard.

Life Motto: "The only way to do great work is to love what you do." - Steve Jobs.

Kern began competitive trampolining at 14 during the National School Games. Since then, he has become a FIG Brevet 4 Judge, judging at the TRA World Age Groups, and a FIG Level 2 Coach. He has significantly contributed to Trampoline Gymnastics in Singapore by organizing Judging Courses and assisting with national events like the National Championships, Singapore Open, and Selection Trials.

His primary goals are to grow the competitive sport of trampoline and foster a fair and supportive environment for athletes. Despite taking a step back from competition due to the birth of his first child in 2022, Kern remains dedicated to the sport. He has been awarded the Singapore Gymnastics Official Of The Year Award multiple times, recognizing his contributions.

Kern's passion lies in helping athletes understand and perform new skills with solid fundamentals, driving his commitment to excellence in trampoline gymnastics.

Jeanette discovered her passion for trampolining during her secondary school years in the early 2000s, captivated by the sense of flight and acrobatic prowess it offered. Despite limited opportunities post-secondary education, she pursued her passion by working as a gymnastics instructor and earning a sports science degree from Edith Cowan University. Specializing in trampoline coaching, Jeanne co-founded Trampoline Singapore in 2013 with local enthusiasts.

Co-founding Trampoline Singapore in 2013, she introduced FIG Academy Level 1 coaching within two years and later advanced to Level 2. Her dedication extends to establishing competing squads in various gyms, aiming to elevate trampoline skills in Singapore. Jeanne's commitment led her to become a FIG judge, representing Singapore at the World Age Group Championships in 2023.

William Soh Lim Hwee Yee
Life Motto: Knowledge is Power (from primary school's motto) 
To be Prepared (Scout's motto) 
Joy and Fun (current company's motto)
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William's gymnastics journey began in the 1970s in Singapore, where he competed in artistic and trampoline gymnastics across more than 20 schools and trained under Mr. Lee Seng Huat at the Singapore Amateur Gymnastics Association (SAGA).

During his National Service, William joined the Singapore Armed Forces Acrobat team (SAFCROBAT), showcasing his skills with thrilling somersaults and aerial stunts using mini-trampolines and competitive trampolines over vaults and even cars. His commitment to the sport and remarkable abilities highlight his passion for trampoline gymnastics.

William has voluntarily coached trampoline gymnastics, donating his coaching fees back to the club to ensure it has sufficient funds to support its members and the broader trampoline community. This contribution is his gift to the sport, with the goal of mentoring younger members to take on leadership roles in Trampoline Singapore. His extensive experience and dedication continue to inspire and nurture the next generation of trampoline gymnasts.