Gym Challenge 2024

Published Tue 19 Mar 2024

The participants from CT Gymnastics.

Gymnasts from across the gymnastics community recently gathered to participate in a recreational event the Gym Challenge hosted by Singapore Gymnastics. The event held at Bishan sports hall brought together 230 participants of varying ages, gender, and skills. Thus, highlighting the inclusivity and diversity in the gymnastics community.

Events like the Gym Challenge not only allow athletes to showcase their skills but also foster a sense of community and friendship that extends beyond the gymnasium. The children moved in a circuit like manner attempting 8 different stations and were awarded medals at the end for their efforts.

A total of 10 affliated gymnastics clubs participated. We saw 4 new clubs enthusiatically join the Gym challenge for the first time this March 2024. Their decision to join is a testament to the inclusive and welcoming environment we strive to foster, and we are thrilled to have them on board. This expansion not only reflects the increasing popularity of gymnastics but also promises to infuse fresh enthusiasm and talent into our beloved sport. We look forward to the next Gym Challenge in November 2024.









One of the 8 stations from the Gym Challenge.