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Continue Coach Education (CCE) is recognised as a very important part of a coach’s development. Through the National Register Of Coaches (NROC), the public is able to recognise whether a coach is current and up to date with the coaching industry.  To be on the NROC, coaches must have both Theory as well as Technical …

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Coach Mentoring Programme Singapore Gymnastics has a Mentoring Programme to support coaches who are actively mentoring SG-COACH through their accreditation attainment. Coaches who attend the generic mentoring programme will be recognised by Singapore Gymnastics as official mentors. Mentor Coaches have minimum of 5 years coaching experience in the relevant discipline, with good communication skills and interest to …

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Singapore Gymnastics (SG) is committed to the development of gymnastics coaches and raising the standard of gymnastics coaching throughout Singapore.  The following policy has been developed, in the lead up to the launch of the SG-COACH for gymnastics, to ensure that SG has a structured and official process for applicants to use as a tool to …

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