Gymnastics For All

What is Gymnastics For All?

Gymnastics for All (GfA) is one of the seven official disciplines of Gymnastics as defined by the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG).  From FIG:

“Gymnastics for All (GfA) is the historical and cultural discipline of the FIG. Created by its founder, Nicolas Cuperus (BEL) in 1881, GfA bring together gymnasts of all ages, all genders, of all cultural backgrounds to enjoy the diverse range of physical activities that gymnastics offers.

Gymnastics for All activities contribute to personal health, fitness and well being – physical, social, intellectual and psychological. The focus of GfA is the F4 (Fun – Fitness –  Fundamentals –  Friendship) and can involve gymnastics with or without apparatus, gymnastics and dance. It offers aesthetic experiences in movement for participants and spectators while providing the opportunity to focus on items that are of particular interest in a national and cultural context.

This makes gymnastics one of the largest sporting organisations contributing to global health, fitness and well-being in the world!”


Celebrating Gymnastics as a Sport for All Ages

An annual Gym For All event “Gym Fest” is organised every year to celebrate & encourage movement everywhere and by all, regardless of age or cultural or ethnic status. Local and foreign teams are invited to perform together to bring out Fun, Fitness, Fundamentals, and Friendship!

Performances incorporate dance, aerobic movements, mass displays, calisthenics, and a variety of basic gymnastics movements.

4thAsianGymnaestrada Singapore Gymnastics holds an annual Gymnastics Festival – Gym Fest to celebrate all kinds of movements and performances.


In Nov 2013, Singapore hosted the 4th Asian Gymnaestrada at Bishan Sports Hall in a fun-filled event that brought together different gymnastics cultures from Asia.

Since 2011, we have regularly performed at the World Gymnaestrada, the biggest international gymnastics festival that brings over 20,000 gymnastics practitioners onto the same stage. We are extremely proud to feature our local flavour of gymnastics, and live the magic engendered by this extraordinary gymnastics gathering.


 International Milestones

2011 – Performed at the World Gymnaestrada in Lausanne, Switzerland

2013 – Organised our first Asian Gymnaestrada, the 4th Asian Gymnaestrada, in Singapore

2015 – Performed at the World Gymnaestrada in Helsinki, Finland