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WAG NTC Coaches

Zhu Yibin 

Year started coaching @ SG: 2013

Li Yaochun

Year started coaching @ SG: 2017

Wang Xin

Year started coaching @ SG: 2014

Jiang Bo 

Year started coaching @ SG: 2016
In 1983, Jiang started his gymnastics career in the People’s Republic of China. He participated in numerous national youth competitions and won several medals as an athlete.

Jiang has been coaching gymnastics since 1996.


Chen Xiao 

Year started coaching @ SG: 2013
Chen’s parents decided to have him learn Artistic Gymnastics at the age of 6, hoping to improve his health through Gymnastics training. From then, Chen went on pursuing excellence in Gymnastics and is now the coach of Singapore Gymnastics’ WAG Team.

Chen hopes to guide more children who are talented in Gymnastics into becoming outstanding gymnasts, and see them progressively make it to the top of the awards podium. The WAG Team had been achieving top 3 positions in several local competitions.

“I enjoy seeing the happiness of these young athletes and their growing passion for Gymnastics as they slowly improve in their skills; it gives me the sense of accomplishment.”


Zhang Ruoping 

Year started coaching @ SG: 2012
Zhang started Artistic Gymnastics training when she was only 4 years-old and had competed in several National competitions in People’s Republic of China during her peak performance years as an athlete.

In her years of Gymnastics coaching, Zhang’s personal milestones reached included having coached Jiang Tong from China, who obtained 3rd place in Balance Beam at the 2006 National Youth Championships held in Yunnan, as well as leading the national team of Thailand to compete in the SEA Games and World University Games.

“Gymnastics is a multi-disciplinary sport which requires both physical and mental strengths, as well as a combination of technical precision, artistry, and creativity.”