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Singapore Gymnastics is excited to announce that Full Membership has opened on 10th January 2018!


Eligibility for Full Membership

  • Any sporting club, society or association registered with the Registry of Societies under the Societies Act (Cap 311) and having a minimum of 25 paying members and which is actively engaged in activities which are directly related to furthering gymnastics, is eligible to be admitted as a Full Member
    • A “paying member” means an existing member of the Full Member in respect of which the Full Member has paid the prescribed yearly subscription fee to the Association under Clause 6.2(a)


We have moved to a new membership platform, revolutioniseSPORT. Please refer to the membership guide on how to register / renew your full membership.

Membership Guide

Got questions? Email mne@singaporegymnastics.org.sg


Full Membership Renewal 

You would have received an email from us, informing you to renew your membership.


New Full Member

Click the button below.

New Full Membership

Benefits of Full Membership


  • Attendance and voting rights at Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting
  • Communication from SG
  • Annual Membership Certificate
  • Eligible to rent equipment as per Equipment Policy