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MAG NTC Coaches

Ryosuke Kusumi

Year started coaching @ SG: 2014
“Every time my gymnasts manage to perform a new skill, I am very happy.”
Ryosuke began his Artistic Gymnastics journey in his teenage years and climbed fast & strong to make it to the East Japan University Championships & All Japan Syakaijin Championships. Right now as the coach of Singapore Gymnastics’ MAG Junior Team 2, his focus is on helping the gymnasts improve their techniques in each skill while trying to keep each training session fun & enjoyable for the gymnasts.
Ryosuke Kusumi completed his Masters of Science in Health and Sports Science.


Yurii Odnoroh

Year started coaching @ SG: 2015
Yuri obtained the master of sports in artistic gymnastics in Ukraine. After which Yurii coached gymnasts who achieved a bronze medal twice at the Junior National Championships in Ukraine and was later selected as a member of the reserve squad for the Ukraine National Team.