Fundraising Programmes

Singapore Gymnastics is doing a donation drive to provide talented but needy children with a platform to reach their potential.


How am I able to help?

  • bring basic gymnastics programs to the needy
    We will bring basic gymnastics programmes to neighbourhood schools, making an excellent foundational sport accessible to all kids. There we can also spot talent and give these kids the opportunity to attend elite training.
  • fund improved training equipment/attire for our competitive teams
    Needy families are sometimes put off sports because of the additional costs.  Singapore Gymnastics will help talent, needy kids with subsidies for apparatus/attire, so that they can continue to excel in the sport.
  • fund training camps for Singapore’s future gymnastics stars
    Other than regular training, it is important for developing gymnasts to be exposed to international competition and training camps to.  With your donation we can give more kids, more exposure.


Why Gymnastics?

Gymnastics is one of the most comprehensive lifestyle exercise programs available to people of all ages, incorporating motor skill development, all over body strength, flexibility, balance, general coordination, speed, power and discipline.

General Gymnastics

Suitable for all children and adults.  Gives children a foundation for sports, dance and activities of all sorts, especially acrobatic sports such as parkour, diving, circus acrobatics, martial arts acrobatics.  Keeps Adults strong and flexible, while having fun.

Competitive Gymnastics

Women’s and Men’s Artistic Teams, and Women’s Rhythmic Teams

Help us train more kids like these to become champions