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FAQ – Events

Frequently Asked Questions (Events) 

1. Why do I need to purchase a ticket to watch my child compete?
The two competitions are National Events and your day ticket allows you access for the full day – usually at least 12 hours of competition.
The Singapore Gymnastics National Championships and Singapore Open rely on ticketing income to run the competition.  Each year the competition gets longer and our funding reduces.  Your ticket purchase contributes to support the competitions to continue.
2. Why is the award ceremony not straight after the competition session?
Some sessions have to be split up because of the number of gymnasts in one category.  For example in Rhythmic Stage 2, in the past we have had to split the competition sessions in two so that the gymnasts do not have to compete for 7 hours straight.  For Artistic Level 2, in the past we have had to have a separate session for in-age and out of age, however the Team award is for both in-age and out-of age gymnasts.  This does mean that gymnasts in the first session would need to come back again later for the awards ceremony.
3. Why are the scores the same for 2 gymnasts but the gymnasts were given different awards?
Singapore Gymnastics has a tie-breaking policy, which is adapted from the FIG Technical Regulations for the SG National Development Programme.  The results sheet will state TIE or TIEBREAK if the gymnasts achieved the same overall score.  If the tie was able to be broken, TIEBREAK will be shown and the ranking will be 1,2,3 etc.  If the tie is not broken it would say TIE and the ranking will show the tie too; eg. 1,2,2,4 for joint 2nd.  You can refer to the National Programme Policy for the TIE BREAK POLICY.