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Volunteering with Singapore Gymnastics

Did you watch the gymnastics at the Olympics and think how exciting it would be to be close to the action?

Do you have some time on your hands and would love to be part of the growth of a sport?

Then join us as a Volunteer. You are invaluable contributors to our events and

Singapore Gymnastics is thankful for all your time and assistance.

Why Volunteer?

  • Great way to learn new things
  • Great way to meet new people
  • Contribute to the development of our sport
  • Contribute to society
  • Bring people closer to one another
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Enjoy gymnastics!


Benefits of being one of our Volunteers

  • Redeem a free ticket to watch Singapore Gymnastics’ events or competitions.
  • Free Volunteer T-shirt
  • Volunteer Certificate to thank you for your contribution
  • The opportunity to participate in a mass event
  • The chance to be involved in National and International competitions
  • Free meals when volunteering at an event
  • Enjoy the fun and excitement that only Gymnastics can bring


Click here to Volunteer at the upcoming events:

GymFest & Gym Challenge 2017



One Volunteer’s Experience                                                                                                       

Step up and volunteer your services to SG in any capacity you can.

We have a dearth of volunteers.  Instead of sitting back and lamenting:  “Why don’t THEY do this or that for our children..!” I was such a parent till I decided to step out to help my son & his mates.

I joined GSGS in the early 2000’s and for a couple of years merely observed wide-eyed the ongoings before I got more involved and eventually allowed myself to be elected into SG’s management committee.

You can choose how you wish to serve. In my own way, I have contributed my services in insurance and ferrying injured gymnasts to hospital, organizing year-end parties for members.  Recently, I assisted in emceeing a sports event and cold-calling various media for free advertising for Gymfest. I also lend an extra head at meetings and help moderate passions that sometimes run amok.

It’s been a learning experience and I myself have benefited especially from dealing with people and attending the many workshops & presentations organized by SSC, eg good corporate governance, talent identification, sports nutrition & prevention of injury, etc.  Moreover, I have been able to give feedback directly to the powers that be to help influence and shape some of those policies.

Although my son did not compete at the SEA Games 2011, I went anyway to watch the competition with other gymnasts’ parents in the same esprit du corp that we have shared for so many years past.

In offering my service, I have widened my horizons and am able to see the bigger picture of why things are and am happy in some small way, to have been able to make a difference for future generations of gymnasts.

My only regret is that I didn’t come forth sooner. What a difference the gymnastics landscape is today compared to my own days when I was a gymnast 45 years ago, and my elder’s son childhood when there weren’t many competitive opportunities. In recent years, my younger son has been lucky to enjoy increased exposure to international competitions.

For the parents of today’s gymnasts, the situation today which most take for granted has been purchased by the efforts of past volunteers: parents, ex-gymnasts, coaches, judges & officials, etc.  If there is no pipeline of volunteers, I fear for the future of sport. Our objective of achieving a sporting culture is still a distance away from those countries where sports (and volunteerism) is way of life:  Australia, Japan, US and Europe, etc

It is testimony to the satisfaction a volunteer feels when a parent continues to be engaged long after their children have left the sport.  In turn, their children are paying forward by becoming volunteers, coaches or judges themselves.  I didn’t know it then: one’s satisfaction is proportional to one’s input.

So step right up and make a difference for your children and their future.

Terrie Wong (Parent of MAG gymnast)