Aug 10

Leadership and Governance Conference 2017

The Leadership and Governance Conference is back for the second year in September!

A 3 year partnership with Gymnastics Australia and Victoria University, we aim to empower women to increase their capacity in sport through leadership and mentoring programme.We believe that sport can provide women with roles to be strong role model, offer an expanded sense of possibility and encourage them to acquire leadership skills and experience as peer educators, coaches, officials, board members and managers.


Course Overview

9 & 10 September: Leadership & Governance

16 & 17 September: WAG Coaching Workshop & RG Coach Level 1 Technical




Member Non-member
Leadership & Governance $100 $150
WAG Workshop $150 $200
RG Coach Level 1 Technical Course $250 $300
Leadership & Governance + WAG Workshop $200 $300
Leadership & Governance + RG Coach Level 1 Technical Course $300 $400


Come join us for an exciting conference! Sign up by 1 September!

See you there!